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Rated # 1 Solution For Sinks, Drains & Washtub Clogs

  • Set the inflator pump pressure from 7 to 8 down to 0.4 MPA, then remove the cylinder connection.
  • Inset the plunger into the toilet. Use the air pump to inflate the plunger. Be sure that it is securely placed in the blocked toilet or drain to unclog.
  • Press the red Bye Bye button.
Bye Bye Clog

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Bye Bye Clog

Bye Bye Clog has patent pending in USA.

How Does It Work?

How does it work you may ask? Bye Bye Clog forms an airtight seal around the pipe before a single blast of compressed air instantly dislodges and clears the blockage.

Bye Bye Clog

Where Can I Use Bye Bye Clog?

Bye Bye Clog can be used anywhere there is a drain with a clog. No matter if it’s a house, restaurant, or even corporate facility this product will solve the problem.

bye bye clog

Package Includes:  

1 Toilet Plunger Head Pump

2 Sink Rubbers

1 High Pressure Pump (Orange)

1 ByeByeClog Base (Blue)

3 Inflating Needles

1 User Manual

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The most innovative super plunger device to rapidly clear sludge, hair, toilet paper and food leftovers from drainpipes.

Bye Bye Clog


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